The Designer

Designer Celine Leora has been fascinated and inspired by the power of the Hamsa amulet since her childhood in North Africa. Celine traces her own personal history through the mystique of the Hamsa. From her birth in Morocco, her childhood in the Middle East, to Paris, Switzerland and now in the United States, the Hamsa has always inspired and protected her throughout her journey through life. She shares this energy, strength and power with all, in this exotic fragrance.

"I developed the idea of using the Hamsa symbol on perfume bottles, so that the symbol and its power will always be present in the home. The perfume carries a scent that awakens the positive and spiritual potential of the wearer."


Celine Leora

Celine Leora created this exquisite fragrance and beautiful bottle as a dedication to her mother, as a child growing up in Morocco, she remembered the fragrance that her mother always wore and the love and guidance she gave to Celine through good times and bad. The Hamsa was always with them and it always protected them.