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Only a few times in our life time do we cross paths with someone we feel so connected to that its almost scary, many of those times we are left with a strange feeling of "how, why & where did I know you from?" This is the case for me with Celine Leora.

As a filmmaker her remarkable story of triumph awakens my imagination and I'm truly captivated by her journey. This women's story even though covered up by the glamour of having being a super model was not as glamorous when she was a poor child with no food to eat living in the Middle East, surviving everyday as a warrior fighting a war for survival she didn't even asked to be in. When I asked her, what about you makes you such a special lady? she stated "its my understanding of the human soul, humanity and clearly having lived such an amazing journey so far, I have been among the richest of the richest and also the poorest of the poorest and that makes me aware". Our encounter was fascinating, here I was sitting at a Starbucks in Miami when I least expected it this lady sat on the same table with her best friend Gayle Wald Egozi (who by the way is such a joy to be around) and she simply said to me "you are an artist aren't you?" from there our energies just connected ... since then we have become friends, and I am please to have her around as a mentor on my own journey.

When I told her about my experience with the homeless population right here in the USA and how I want to utilize my talent to raise awareness and help, she offered to give back to the homeless community a percentage of any sales that come thru me on her wonderful Hamsa Fragrance.

You see Celine Leora has dedicated part of her life creating an amazing perfume called Hamsa, a fragrance with amazing endorsements by really influential people in the world. Her interest to give back was simply so amazing to me and this really connected us even more.

Her fragrance speaks for itself, celebrities and very influential people are already wearing it due to its essence and special message of hope, love and positive energy. I am pleased to say I have it and love it. It's soft to the touch and pleasant to the smell due to its organic origins. Just the bottle has a strong mystical message of good luck, unity and peace as she stamped the bottle with the Hand of Fatima.

So please visit the website, I promise you will be captivated by Hamsa as much as I have because it truly is the essence of Celine Leora herself. Love and peace to you my good friend Celine. and just so you know I have stopped asking "How, why and where do I know you from", I think I already know...


Cybele Says

HAMSA by Celine Leora Perfume ($65/3.4oz @ – fascinated by the Hamsa amulet since child growing up in Morocco, the Creator of this fragrance wanted to use the symbol of it to provide the wearer with good fortune and protection, which the centuries-old symbol is known to have. She chose notes that represented the Easter, Western and Middle Eastern cultures by combining notes of White Lotus, Frankincense (not usually a fan of this scent but it works really nicely in this perfume), black currant and coffee. Another great one if you want to be the only one in the room wearing this. Read the review ...

Beth Graves

Beth and Beauty

"I have bad allergies so I can not wear or even smell a lot of perfumes without it aggravating my allergies. This perfume did not do that to me."

" This perfume is definitely going on my wish list."

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Elena Khezhevich

"Hamsa is feminine and refreshing, clean (and in its cleanness I feel something of the modern world's approach to it, but it doesn't spoil the impression), a little bit juicy floral. After the initial pure and clean floral accords your nose gets the whole structure, more imaginable than real, but even more more unwavering due to it—invisible, but perceptible pillars, coffee and incense. No irony here.

Hamsa is a fresh floral fragrance, dewy, clean and magically purifying. It has a light and pleasant trail, and I am sure it will only win in warmer climates."

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Lucas Szczesniak

Chemist in the Bottle

"On my skin Hamsa perfume begins with a very realistic and fruity note of black currant. It’s soft and fresh but it also has a little bit of acidic tastes. Shortly after it I get to smell lotus, which adds a very light and harmonious aroma, quite watery and ozonic. Then after 30 minutes I thought that the scent was gone but it returned to me with a salty, warm stone olibanum accord. There was a sheer smokiness to it which was muted by a coffee accord It felt warm, like just grinded coffee beans ready to be treated with hot water. The perfume was quite entertaining but I don’t like coffee and olibanum in most perfume cases so Hamsa is kind of a no-go for me. But you should give it a try. You might like it, especially if the notes sound good for you."

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Carrie Meredith

eyeliner on a cat

"Newcomer to the fragrance scene Hamsa by Celine Leora has a very cheery scent disposition with bright but rich notes of white lotus, frankincense, blackcurrant and coffee. It's clean and uncomplicated, and I would categorize it as "happiness juice". This lovely gift set which includes a bottle of the perfume and an adorable blinged-out girly t-shirt is begging to be given to a beloved University girl this year. This fragrance screams of youthful exuberance and hope, and having a Hamsa-adorned bottle in her dorm room at all times is definitely stacking the deck in her favor. That can only be a good thing!

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Jaroslaw Szostak

Jaroslav BLOG (translated from Polish.)

"Hamsa by Celine Leora is a fragrance created and designed from Florida. The beautiful bottle is decorated with an old amulet reaching back from the ancient times of Mesopotamia.The Hamsa amulet is very popular symbol in North Africa and the Middle East. The mystical symbol of the Hamsa is said to bring good luck and protect against evil. The Hamsa amulet is also regarded as a symbol of tolerance, peace and unity. Celine Leora created this exquisite oriental, floral and fruity cocktail with inspiration stemming from her childhood in Morocco. Celine also created the fragrance as a tribute to her beloved mother.

Hamsa is a perfume that awakens your life. The full flavor of the blackcurrant and fresh white lotus notes are at the center of this charming composition. Frankincense and coffee complete this fresh, joyful and energizing scent; perfectly representing the sunny and warm North African culture. It gives a kick and is a real treat for the senses. You have to experience Hamsa perfume for yourself ! Unfortunately, Hamsa perfume is not yet available in Europe. I will keep my eyes open for when it does!

Jaroslaw Szostak from Poland

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A Perfume Review

(translated from Arabic.)

"Wearing Hamsa perfume created by designer Celine Leora, is something that you can be proud of and feel secured of. This is more than just a perfume because of its dual purpose of warding off evil spirit and seduces the opposite sex.

This perfume is an elixir to cure depression, removes negative thoughts, achieve the confidence in you and regain vitality. Its awesome smell is compared to a beautiful woman garbed in immaculate white gown. Smelling Hamsa could put you to deep slumber, and feeling nice for the rest of your day.

Hamsa not only provides protection, but it gives off a scent that is alluring, seductive and curative. Sniffing its smell could give you excitement, totally different from some brands of perfume. It is so pleasing to the nose! It captivates you while you are relaxing in the comfort of your home or in the office.

Hamsa perfume is exquisitely designed as an elixir, giving you soothing and meditative feeling."

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Guusje Sparkles


Jenson Lee

The Other Scent

"If Hamsa Perfume was love, it would be an innocent fleeting love. It starts off with the mild floral of white lotus and a definite fruity concoction, with the promise of a new beginning. I was hoping for some of its listed darker notes to come in to ground and temper the scent, but they never eventuated. Nor does its sweetness intensify. Instead, it remains quite happy to skirt around full blown passion, choosing instead to stay within its being, never quite pushing outside of comfort. Within an hour or two, the fragile corridor passes and I’m left with only a whisper. "

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Amber ‏@daydream_beauty

"Scent of the day is @HamsaFragrance! Notes:White Lotus, Frankincense, Black Currant and Coffee. Unique, feminine, lovely and calming. #scent"

Perfume Addict ‏@diaryofaperfume

"@HamsaFragrance It's lovely ... and the coffee note is something I haven't experienced before! :)"

Perfume Addict ‏@diaryofaperfume

"#ScentOfTheDay Hamsa by @HamsaFragrance … #CelineLeora #Fragrance #WhiteLotus #Frankincense #Blackcurrant #Coffee"

MIP ‏@MIPGrasse

"Bonne journée à tous nos abonnés et bienvenue à @HamsaFragrance @VOTMPerfume @PFWAC @eyelineronacat_ @DayseyeM @inekeperfumes @ParfumsLalun!"

Perfumista ‏@scentedweddings

"@HamsaFragrance Wonderful how you have connected spiritualism with fragrance.Namaste.The Hamsa symbol also offers protection. Like it very much ! Wishing you lots of success in your vision."